Ephraim House
2017 Internships

“In pursuit of Jesus, Ephraim House exists to bear fruit in our neighborhood and repair the ruins in our city by upholding the Rule of our community.”


At a Glance

Position Unpaid internship
Cost $1,800
Location Cleveland, Ohio
Housing Co-housing in spacious community home
General focus (for all participants)
Spiritual practice, formation, and mission in intentional community
Focuses areas (one per participant)
  1. Community garden coordinator(s)
  2. Creation care and permaculture transformation initiative
  3. Early childhood education initiative
  4. Gospel-focused relationships with teenage girls
Term 10 weeks (late May–early August, 2017)
Can participant get a job? Yes*


In a supportive context of intentional Christian community, interns will live and serve in the home shared by all Ephraim House residents, which is located on the five-building campus of the Family Ministry Center (FMC). Here they will be connected to a wide range of opportunities for spiritual growth, meaningful service, and gospel witness. The internship experience is designed to broaden one’s experience and vision of what it means to be a 24/7, lifelong disciple of Jesus Christ while also serving to advance the mission of Ephraim House and the FMC.

About Ephraim House

Ephraim House is an intentional Christian community inspired by the Early Church and shaped by the monastic tradition. Located in the Clark-Fulton neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio, Ephraim House functions as a ministry of the FMC. Residents share a common “Rule of life” which outlines commitments to the community while also serving to direct long-term mission. Residents engage in regular rhythms of spiritual practice, service, and rest. Additionally, Ephraim House is regularly host to many guests throughout the year (and especially during the summertime), who sojourn alongside residents for the purposes of spiritual retreat, outreach, and service.


In pursuit of Jesus, Ephraim House exists to bear fruit in our neighborhood and repair the ruins in our city by upholding the Rule of our community.


We envision an enduring, monastic family living as priests before God, welcoming the stranger and sojourner, collaboratively ministering the holistic gospel to a once-blighted neighborhood, actively pursuing the welfare of the city, contending for the advance of God’s Kingdom in the nations, and bringing fame to the name of the Lord.


The Rule of Ephraim House is defined in this way:

  1. Seven Practices
    1. The Practice of Prayer
    2. The Practice of Mission
    3. The Practice of Spiritual Disciplines and Learning
    4. The Practice of Mercy and Justice
    5. The Practice of Stewardship and Simplicity
    6. The Practice of Creativity
    7. The Practice of Hospitality
  2. Vow

    Ephraim House residents make an annual commitment to the practices of the Rule in the form of a vow. Each year residents discern their continued participation in the community in concert with other Ephraim House residents and its leadership, as well as FMC leadership. At this point, commitments are either renewed or concluded. In the latter case, residents then transition out of the home.

  3. Customary

    The customary provides targeted, practical ways of living out the community Rule. The customary is a living document and is always subject to change.

About the Family Ministry Center

The Family Ministry Center is a place and a people of refuge for Cleveland’s Clark-Fulton neighborhood and beyond so that God can be made famous. Founded by and accountable to Bay Presbyterian Church, the FMC practices a model of mutually engaged partnership with nearly twenty organizations. Framed by an overarching commitment to sustainable community development, the mostly nonprofit-partners of the FMC work in a wide range of arenas including urban renewal, alternative education, church-planting, the arts, international missions, transitional care for veterans, and more. Learn more at clevelandfmc.org.

Cost: $1,800

Includes Does not include
Housing (including A/C) Personal food costs
Some shared food costs* Transportation costs
Administrative costs
Parking (if applicable)


While each intern’s experience will vary, several benefits can be anticipated for every participant. These include opportunities to:

  • Grow more in love with God and deepen one’s commitment to the way of Jesus
  • Live in and serve others in an urban context
  • Enjoy the richness of intentional Christian community
  • Develop meaningful relationships with serious Christian disciples
  • Connect with and serve alongside dozens of ministries and nonprofits
  • Hone existing skills while developing new ones
  • Experience and enjoy Cleveland—a city with a lot to offer!


Participation in the life of the Ephraim House community can be simplified in the following ways:

  1. ministry to one another,
  2. ministry to the Church, and
  3. mission to the neighborhood.

Therefore, in addition to basic requirements, these three categories give shape to the commitments required of every intern, regardless of the specific focus area of his/her internship.

Basic Requirements

  1. Love and hunger for God
  2. Live-in, residential commitment to home
  3. Humility
  4. Teachability
  5. Availability
  6. Vulnerability
  7. Good communication skills
  8. Hard work
  9. Willingness to be inconvenienced
  10. Ability to work well with a team
  11. Initiative / the ability to function as a self-starter
  12. Weekly meeting with intern coordinator
  13. Participation in a defined trek of continued learning and spiritual formation (including books, documentaries, podcasts, discussions, etc.)
  14. No more than 20 hours per week spent working outside of the community

Ministry to one another

Participation in:

  • Weekly, all-residents prayer
  • Weekly house meeting
  • Minimum of three prayer watches per week
  • Weekly scheduled meal, including prep, cooking, and cleanup (While not mandatory, participation in non-scheduled, spontaneous meals is encouraged.)
  • The required rhythms of the FMC (occasional meetings, meals, discussions, and times of prayer)
  • Weekly chores
    • Rotating indoor chores
    • Garden maintenance
    • Keeping yard and growing spaces watered, weeded, and tidy

Ministry to the Church

Expressed primarily in the practice of hospitality, namely in welcoming, orientating, and hosting Ephraim House guests and sojourners:

  • Helping to design sojourn experiences—balancing spiritual practice, service, rest, and recreation
  • Orienting guests upon their arrival
  • Leading in devotionals and times of prayer
  • Leading in service projects
  • Leading in outreach efforts
  • Leading in cultural experiences and adventures around the city!
  • Meal prep and setup, cooking, cleanup
  • Serving as a problem-solving point person as anticipated (and unanticipated) needs arise
  • Coordinating house-cleaning efforts and checkout when guests depart

Also expressed in the practice of hospitality unto partners of the FMC:

  • Hosting meals, discussions, and times of prayer
  • Coordinating with and serving partners when strategic and opportune

Mission to the neighborhood

Participation in various relationship-building and gospel-outreach efforts:

  • Prayer-walking and conversational evangelism
  • Bible studies with neighbors
  • Refuge Garden—the community garden initiated by Ephraim House
  • Baking and cooking in outdoor kitchen with neighbors and visitors to the FMC
  • Pop-up events and “Kingdom parties”
  • Outdoor movie nights
  • Hosted meals with guided discussions
  • Seasonal events of many kinds
  • A variety of outdoor permaculture projects (e.g. building garden beds, cob benches, children’s play areas, etc.) using permaculture principles and techniques
  • A variety of FMC-partner outreach efforts

Bonus Skills

(Not required, but gladly put to use!)

  • Spanish
  • Artistic ability (e.g. screen-printing/stenciling/ sign-making, mural-design, set-design, installations, painting, photography, pottery, etc.)
  • Cooking/baking
  • Musical talent
  • Craftsmanship
  • Athletics and coaching, especially as it pertains to playing with and leading children in games and competitions

Focus Areas

(one per participant)

Community garden coordinator

  1. Work directly with Summer Sprout and other community partners to resource and develop the community garden space directly across the street from the FMC
  2. Develop a strategic plan to:
    • Involve members of the community
    • Involve other FMC partners
    • Involve the residents of Fulton House and Sandy’s House (onsite partners of the FMC)
    • Involve and serve internationals and refugees
    • Develop seating, fencing, and other amenities
    • Funnel yields into learning initiatives, outdoor hospitality, providing for the needs of the poor
  3. Employ organic and permaculture gardening techniques
  4. Lead garden participants and sojourning teams in meaningful garden work
  5. Connect garden participants to other opportunities through Ephraim House/the FMC/partners of the FMC
  6. Spend regular time working in the garden and meeting people
  7. Keep garden garage and other work sites well organized and inventoried

Creation Care and Permaculture Transformation Initiative

  1. Gain a firm grasp on the FMC campus-wide permaculture design-plans and current projects (e.g. smart stormwater utilization grant). View design-plans at pdc2012.clevelandfmc.org.
  2. Employ permaculture principles and techniques (and learn as you go!) to further current projects and implement new ones
  3. Communicate and work with donors, volunteers, and community partners to raise awareness about and resource initiatives
  4. Develop a strategic plan to:
    • Involve neighbors
    • Involve other FMC partners
    • Involve residents of Fulton House and Sandy’s House (onsite partners of the FMC)
    • Involve sojourning teams
  5. Connect participants to other opportunities through Ephraim House/the FMC/partners of the FMC
  6. Keep garden garage and other work sites well organized and inventoried

Early Childhood Education Initiative

  1. Assist Ephraim House Co-director Danielle Piscura in establishing a Christian, classical education academy at the FMC:
    • Miscellaneous administrative duties
    • Curating curriculum and training materials
    • Coordinating with parents
    • Set-up/coordination of on-campus learning spaces (in the School Building, outdoors, etc.)
  2. Help to envision and implement school expansion and missional impact:
    • How to include immediate neighbors and internationals
    • How to involve and engender ownership among participating families in outreach efforts
  3. Help provide care for the three Piscura children—ages six, four, and one—as stephen and Danielle seek to serve others. Specific rhythms include:
    • Two to three prayer watches per week co-led by stephen and Danielle
    • Various summertime service projects co-led by stephen and Danielle
    • Meal prep time for community meals
    • Designated homeschooling sessions
    • Occasional work days when stephen has freelancing jobs
    • Occasional evenings
  4. Help provide care for Ephraim House residents Britton and Amanda Roberts’ one-year-old son, Carrick
  5. Develop a neighborhood play group

Gospel-focused relationships with teenage girls

(This position is best suited for a young woman.)

Engage directly with Ephraim House resident Emily Forthofer to:

  1. Daily pursue God in prayer, Bible study, and other edifying spiritual practices
  2. Disciple teenage girls from the neighborhood
  3. Seek additional opportunities to build gospel-focused
  4. relationships with girls in the neighborhood
  5. Attend to daily functions of the community (e.g. chores, babysitting, grocery shopping, gardening, etc.)
  6. Lead sojourning guests in service opportunities and spiritual retreat
  7. Experience adventures around Cleveland, including some which may be out of your comfort zone!